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Church of All Saints

Wooden monuments

Wooden monuments

The history of salvation

There is a very interesting group of statues in the church. In was created in 1865 and it used to decorate… the parish cementary. A local folk sculptor wanted to move the viewers, encourage them to contemplate the scenes of passion drawn out from wood. Especially during the Great Lent the scenes had to stimulate the imagination of the faithful by recalling the hisotry of Salvation: from the original sin to the death by crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

  1. Pelican striking its breast (a symbol of passion and death of Christ).
  2. Christ crucified.
  3. Skull (“Golgotha” in Hebrew means “the place of the skull”) between a crossed spear (which pierced Christ’s side) and a sponge put of a hyssop (with which vinegar was given to dying Christ to drink).
  4. So called Arma Christi – the instruments of the Passion which were to remind the faithful the stations of the Way of the Cross as well as the unbreakable connection of compassion and suffering.
    • the cup of bitterness,
    • scarlet robe (the symbol of the mocking of Christ),
    • the hand of God,
    • a rooster (before it crowed, St. Peter had denied Christ three times) on the column of the lashing,
    • a ladder (symbol of the descent from the cross),
    • a hammer (nailing to the cross) and pliers (taking out of nails),
    • the pouch with 30 silver coins (the symbol of Judas’ betrayal) and dices (soldiers cast dices for Christ’s tunic).
  5. Our Lady of Sorrows.
  6. St. Veronica (Vera eikon – “true image”) with a veil on which the face of tormented Christ was reflected.
  7. St. John Apostle and the Evangelist, beloved disciple of Christ.
  8. St. Mary Magdalene with the attributes: jars with oils.
  9. Adam and Eve next to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the serpent-Satan is lurking. The scene shows the moment of comitting the original sin.
The history of salvation
Pelican striking its breast
Christ crucified.
So called Arma Christi
Our Lady of Sorrows
St. Veronica
St. John Apostle and the Evangelist
St. Mary Magdalene
Adam and Eve

The secret of predella

The side altar had a secret that restorers revealed by accident while cleaning historic fragments of this object.

On a modest, wooden surface of predella (a plain desk decorated with a bas-relief or a painting) many layers of paint were discovered. When they were scraped off completely, an old painting revealed itself to the eyes of the suprised restorers.

Tajemnica predelli

Angels holding oval frames with scenes depicting pious acts of unknown saints (halos above the figures’ heads indicate that these are saints). Who will identify them correctly? Time will tell.


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November 1 (All Saints) and Sacred Heart of Jesus

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